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The perfect decentralized crypto exchange

Full Decentralization

DEEX has no single decision-making center DEEX is the perfect decentralized crypto exchange in the world. The DEEX network does not have a single decision-making center, which makes IT invulnerable for any kind of attacks. This means that no one else will be able to take your money, neither the administration of the exchange, nor hackers, nor authorities. Your money belongs only to you.

Stealth Transactions

Welcome to the truly anonymous crypto exchange. DEEX is the only crypto exchange that protects user`s transaction data. DEEX.hide technology makes impossible for outsiders to track information about the movement of your funds and your contacts. Welcome to the truly anonymous crypto exchange.

Own coin

Our own coin for payment within the ecosystem, which brings income

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Passive crypto income

New Type of Nodes

Reward for DEEX token holding and maintaining the network stability. technology allows users to earn rewards for owning DEEX coins that enable cloud nodes to work. You can own cloud node solely or in cooperation with other users

Stable income

A simple source of passive income Cloud nodes from DEEX is a simple source of passive income, which does not require special skills and equipment, like the other blockchain ecosystems. Unlike the usual master nodes, all you need is to earn on our blockchain a certain number of DEEX tokens.

Safe & Secure

The owner of the cloud node cannot be tracked. The absence of servers and special software means that the owner of the cloud node can not be tracked. In addition, the distribution of dividends for owners of cloud nodes is automatic due to the smart contract, that means no one and nothing can interfere your honest and transparent income.

Referral program

Become a crypto entrepreneur

Infinite Wealth Potential

Decent income without investments Deex referral program is one of the best ways to earn a decent income without investments in the world of blockchain. You get a reward for each user who has been registered on DEEX via your referral link, which can be found in your account. And also for each user that your user brings to the crypto exchange.

Your Own Business

Earn a сommission payments from your user`s operations Grow with DEEX and earn an income from each transaction made by your users. Promote DEEX, educate your community and enjoy passive income from a network of contacts that grows by its own.

Fair & Сlear

Full statistics for your entire network Each member of the DEEX referral program is our partner, so we provide full statistics for your entire network. We also pay 10% of the cost of blockchain development services purchased by your recommendation. And it`s really a decent money.

Airdrop & Bounty

Share the love, get the coins

Easy Coins

Free tokens for simple tasks The DEEX Airdrop program is a great opportunity to get free tokens for simple tasks: tell your friends about DEEX, write an interesting text or come up with a funny meme about our favorite crypto exchange. Now you can get coins for free by spending quite a little bit of time

Frequent Rewards

Promo actions and fair rewards for all participants We often carry out an Airdrop action and fairly reward all participants through the sharing of tokens by using a smart contract. It`s almost like Bounty, but our blockchain project really works!

Blockchain dev & ICO

Planning an ICO? Better call DEEX!

Stress-free ICO

We have everything to help you earn funds Do you have a great idea? We have everything to help you raise money for it. Ready-to-use investor Cabinet, ready-to-use solutions for accepting cryptocurrency and fiat, issuing and distributing tokens, KYC / AML solutions, and all this at the best prices on the market.

Blockchain Coding

Professional development based on blockchain systems So, you have already held an ICO and now you need professional developers of blockchain systems? You have come by the right address because we have been developing smart contracts, crypto tools and decentralized applications since 2015. That`s why we know how to bring your ideas to life

Business Analysis,
Marketing & More

The development and promotion of ICO projects We took part to the development and promotion of many ICO projects. And our own ICO was very successful! We know how to write whitepaper, calculate the token economy, work with institutional investors and make hipe in the crypto community. And we are the only team on the market that makes it all by our own hands

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